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Parent Involvement

Moreau Montessori relies greatly on parent volunteers for a variety of activities throughout the school year: social events, fundraising activities, and building mainenance.


Parents and other family members are an integral part of the school community.  These family members are encouraged to volunteer throughout the year on a variety of projects as their schedules allow.  This volunteerism enable us to offer an affordable tuition rate and enables parents to set an example of respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness for all students in their care and concern for their school and community.  Overall we want to have fun and support our kids!


As a non-profit school, Moreau Montessori subsidizes tuition income with fundraising activities. An important part of our fundraising is the 100% tax-deductible support of annual giving from parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends. Each spring, Moreau Montessori holds a major fundraiser. This event is an excellent opportunity for parents and family members to socialize with other parents and the staff. And just as importantly, the event raises funds to help support projects around the school and supplement tuition income to provide a well maintained facility and Montessori materials for your children.


Parent Education

Children derive the optimum benefit from their classroom experiences when their parents understand and support the Montessori Philosophy and Method.  Many types of parent education are available to our parents, including:


- Parent Teacher Conferences held during the year so that parents and teachers can review the work of the class and the progress of their child;

- Open Houses allow parents to get a closer look at learning materials, equipment and their use, as well as seeing first-hand what their child is learning;

- A newsletter and other parent bulletins are distributed throughout the year to keep our families informed about school activities, projects initiated by the Jefferson City Montessori Society, articles on timely issues, and other related information.

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