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Moreau Montessori typically follows the Jefferson City Public School schedule; however, there can be minor variations during the school year.

2023 - 2024 School Calendar​ At-A-Glance

September 4: Labor Day (no school)
September 5: First Day of School

October 4: Parent Orientation Meeting
October 9: Professional Development (no school)

November 9: Parent Teacher Conferences (no school)

November 10: Professional Development (no school) 

November 15: Picture Day

November 20-24: Thanksgiving Break

December 20: Holiday Party

December 21-January 2: Winter Break

January 3: First day of winter semester

January 12: Professional Development (no school)
January 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no school)

February 14: Valentine's Day Party

February 16: Professional Development (no school)

February 19: President's Day (no school)

March 15:  Professional Development (no school)

March 25-29:  Spring break

April 1: Professional Development (no school)

May 16: Last Day of School

May 17: Parent Teacher Conferences

May 20- May 31: Break (no school)

June 3-August 23: Summer Enrichment Program

June 3-28: Summer session 1 (4-week session)

June 19: Juneteenth (no school)

July 1-July: 26 Summer session 2 (4-week session)

July 4: Fourth of July (no school)

July 29- August 23: Summer session 3 (4 week session)

August 26-30: Break (no school)

September 2: Labor Day (no school)

September 5: First Day of School

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